Corporate Drumming, Team-Building Activities, Wellness Programs in South East Melbourne

With Positive Music, our creative team-building activities break down barriers, build team spirit, connect community, get people laughing and bring life and joy into your workplace.

Delegates hacing fun with team-building drumming

Events & Conferences Team-Building Activities

Boost morale and productivity with a fun and unifying corporate team-building drumming workshop at your conference or team event.

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Sound Bath Meditation

Perfect for wellbeing programs at work or community events, that gets you feeling relaxed, re-balanced and focused to return to your day activities.

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Fun team-building drumming programs getting delegates in teamwork

Workplace Wellness

Learn strategies for mindfulness. Improve energy levels, reduce stress and increase harmony in your workplace, perfect for group wellness activities.

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Team-building drumming delegates connecting with team-building drumming

Team-Building Drumming

Fun group activities that gets your team working together, collaborating, creating and effectively communicating through the power of rhythm and music.

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Does Your Team Work Cohesively Together and Communicate Effectively?

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Corporate Team-Building Drumming, Music & Wellness Programs

Successful organisations have teams that are focused, communicate effectively, motivated, work cohesively together and creatively solve problems.

With Positive Music, Corporate Drumming and Wellbeing company, based in South East Melbourne, you can experience a team-building drumming workshop, challenging and fun team-building activity and therapeutic wellness program that reduces stress and brings your team together in harmony and working as one.

The Teamwork YOU Want Starts Here

With Positive Music, our methodologies can help you to:

  • Get your team and business units collaborating, working together to improve teamwork in the workplace

  • Fully engage and motivate employees to boost productivity

  • Be focused and work effectively to achieve set goals

  • Reduce stress and increase positive team dynamics,  which will increase employee happiness and decrease absenteeism

  • Learn personal strategies to be mindful with our unique team-building corporate drumming workshop

  • Stimulate communication and dialog using our corporate team-building activity that will empower and inspire your team to achieve success

  • Reduce the resistance to change with our custom team-building workshops, which can help build resilience.


How Healthy is Your Workplace?

Studies show stress related presenteeism and absenteeism, directly cost Australian employers $10.11 billion a year. (Medibank)

Reduce work related stress and improve staff engagement with our workplace wellness music and drumming team-building activities that engage your senses – thinking, feeling and movement.

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Benefits of Team-Building Drumming

We are committed to transforming your group into a thriving team. Outcomes you can expect include:

  • The workplace being a fulfilling and dynamic environment

  • Demonstrating the importance of diversity in the workplace

  • Developing communication skills and active listening

  • Strengthening inter-team bonding and positive group dynamics

  • Reducing work-related stress and anxiety, and lots more!

What our clients say about Positive Music

“Our organisation worked with Positive Music as part of a team building and celebratory event for an organisation that had formed about three months prior. So we got to know our colleagues better and in a very different setting, but one that highlighted the benefits of working together to create something great. It was a wonderful stress relieving activity also.  Loved it.” EV GP Training Melbourne, Corporate Team-Building Workshop

“The workshop was such a positive experience for our team. A fantastic release at the end of the week and a great way to connect as a team. We left the session feeling energised and wanting more. I will definitely be recommending this workshop.” Samantha Gould, Team Director, Team-Building Drumming participant

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