Introducing Positive Music ‘Creative Teamwork’ Specialists

We have certified group facilitators, program designers, personal coaches and professional musicians with hands-on experience who are committed to providing our clients the very best in team-building drumming, music and wellness.

Why Wellness Programs and Team-Building Music?

Workplace wellbeing, teamwork and group harmony are at the core of our programs.

We believe that life can be at its most fulfilling when people establish harmonious relationships with others, built upon positive communication and creative collaborations.

“Personal leadership is the process of keeping your vision and values before you and aligning your life to be congruent with them.” Stephen Covey

Our mission is to connect people in creative ways to build strong, healthy and harmonious communities through making-music together, using rhythm, music and sound vibration.

There are 5 components to Positive Music, which are positive drumming, positive community building, positive thinking, positive life skills and positive transformation.

We apply positive psychology to every aspect of our company, music is our tool and positive transformation is our goal.

Positive Drumming

Positive Drumming is not competition or performance, it encourages playfulness and self-expression, acceptance, joy and creativity, and allows you to let down your guard.

Positive Community Building

Positive Community Building creates harmony and cooperation, develops trust and respect and nurtures connection, feeling valued and a sense of belonging.

Positive Thinking

Positive Thinking builds self-confidence and trust, increases resilience, and develops clarity and freedom from negative thought beliefs.

Positive Life Skills

Positive Life Skills expands creative thinking and problem solving, enhances self-awareness, listening and focus, and nurtures collaboration.

Positive Transformation

Positive Transformation is being authentic and recognising your gifts and talents, breaking free from the past, rediscovering self-worth, peace and contentment.

What Separates Positive Music from other Corporate Drumming Companies?

We work with all kinds of organisations from small to medium size teams and groups. Our principal facilitator program designs and facilitates team-building and wellness programs that challenge leaders to inspire their team, motivate colleagues to take risks, learn and grow and engage individual’s hearts to support and value each other.

After 20 years’ experience facilitating groups in organisations and community, we have developed and fine tuned our team building activities and wellness programs that are built on the power of Drumming, Rhythm and Music- making. The powerful and transformative elements of Music are the benchmark for our learning methodology.

Our Methodology

Our five step developmental framework is highly experiential! It helps develop teamwork, leadership and accelerates the learning process to achieve group success. These five stages of musical development are:

Giving Back to Community

We believe community that works together in harmony is a strong, caring and thriving community.

For over 15 years we have worked continuously with selected non-profit organisations that coincide with our values, at free of charge. We also offer discounts to other non-profit organisations who look to engage and connect people in their community.

Our clients believe that interactive music and group drumming is key for wellness and teamwork.

“Peta’s drumming circles provided a relaxed, welcoming environment that fostered the engagement of all. Time stood still as participants grew in confidence over the sessions and learned to understand the music in both the beat and silence. A truly moving experience.”

Beth Fogarty, Program Manager, Mental Illness Fellowship Victoria.

“Our organisation worked with Positive Music as part of a team building and celebratory event for an organisation that had formed about three months prior. So we got to know our colleagues better and in a very different setting, but one that highlighted the benefits of working together to create something great. It was a wonderful stress relieving activity also.  Loved it.”

EV GP Training, Melbourne.

But enough about us …

… what about you? Are you looking for a fun and engaging interactive corporate drumming wellness workshop, team-building activity, or creative retreat?