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Over 35 Years’ Experience

MUSIC is a powerful tool for wellbeing! Peta brings the power of rhythm, calmness and team spirit into your community and life.

From the start

Peta grew up in the small town of Mirboo and started drumming at the age of 12. She went on to perform in school bands and quickly became accomplished in many styles, playing both drumkit and percussion, including pop, funk, Latin, rock, jazz and big band swing.

She studied with the country’s top drummers including master percussionist David Jones, Darryn Farrugia (Hey Hey It’s Saturday), Dave Beck (In Melbourne Tonight), international djembe masters Adamane, Madou Keita from Burkina Faso, Mady Keita from Mali.

Peta travelled to Ghana, Africa to live and study African drumming in its own cultural setting. While there Peta studied and trained extensively from djembe masters from Ghana and Burkina Faso.


Peta has performed with some of Australia’s top musicians including drum-master David Jones, bassist Evripides Evripidou, Southern Son’s Jack Jones, saxophonist Fiona Burnett, West African band Zazu, just to name a few.

Peta is a member of David Jones’ percussion band DRUM! Their first concert was broadcast on ABC National Radio Sunday Live! program. In 2001 and 2003 DRUM! performed sell-out concerts in Japan, receiving 3 standing ovations.

Recording artist

Peta composed her first solo ambient album called Radiant Creation in 2017.  You can listen to snippets of her songs from our wellness hub.

Certified group facilitator

Peta’s passion for music and connecting people of all walks of life through power of group music-making has taken her to all parts of the globe, including Africa, Japan, America and England.

Peta is a Remo Drum Circle Facilitator and endorsee, who are world leaders in making drums and percussion instruments. Check out Peta Minter at Remo.

She is a certified Village Music Circles drum circle facilitator, an experiential Leadership Program. Peta has studied and completed a number of “Village Music Circles” trainings courses in the USA, including The Mentor Program 2012, 2013 and 2014 and many in Australia.

She has attended Holyoake’s DRUMBEAT Program, an evidence-based therapeutic intervention program that uses music to engage participants.

Certified sound practitioner

Later in her career, she was drawn to the eastern healing modalities of singing bowls and many other musical instruments to assist people in their wellbeing. She has studied with Lama Tender and is Certified Tibetan Traditional Sound Healing.

Meditation teacher

Peta has studied and completed module 1, Meditation Teacher Training at The Gawler Foundation and uses many techniques throughout her sound bath and rhythm wellness sessions.

Certified personal coach

Peta wanted to take her group facilitating to the next level, she is now a qualified personal and business coach and has completed accredited and recognised International Coach Federation (ICF) Certificate IV and ICF approved coach training. 10547NAT Certified 1v in Business and Personal Coaching.


Peta has been teaching since 1992. She created her own Drum/Percussion school, which also offered scholarships to young students wishing to become professional musicians. Peta also taught privately through drum shops such as Melbourne’s Drumtek, Stothers Music Store in Traralgon. She has also taught at numerous schools including Marist-Sion College and St Margaret’s, just to name a few. She also traveled to schools around Victoria teaching and performing West African drumming from grade 3 up to Secondary levels.

But enough about Peta…

… what about you? Are you looking for a women’s wellness drumming program to engage and inspire your community, or a fun and interactive team-building activity?

One of Peta’s favourite places in the world, Uluru.