Positive Music Philosophy

Our Mission

Positive Music mission is connecting people to build strong, healthy and harmonious communities through making-music together, using rhythm and music for organisations, community, schools and not-for-profit.

What is Positive Music?

There are 5 components to Positive Music, which are positive drumming, positive community building, positive thinking, positive life skills and positive transformation.

We apply positive psychology to every aspect of our company, music is our tool and positive transformation is our goal.


Positive Drumming is not competition or performance, it encourages playfulness and self-expression, acceptance, joy and creativity, and allows you to let down your guard.


Positive Community Building creates harmony and cooperation, develops trust and respect and nurtures connection, feeling valued and a sense of belonging.


Positive Thinking builds self-confidence and trust, increases resilience, and develops clarity and freedom from negative thought beliefs.


Positive Life Skills expands creative thinking and problem solving, enhances self-awareness, listening and focus, and nurtures collaboration.


Positive Transformation is being authentic and recognising your gifts and talents, breaking free from the past, rediscovering self-worth, peace and contentment.

We believe that everyone has something to offer the circle in making music.

I’d love to help your community drum together in unity. Please contact us if you think we can help.

Sound Meditation & Wellness Programs

See how Positive Music’s relaxing and meditative sound bath can reduce stress and tension. Empower teams and inspire active listening with our staff wellbeing programs or experience a sense of tranquillity with Peta’s meditation music.