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Testimonials and Clients

We have facilitated corporate team building programs, wellness programs and sound baths for a range of clients, from business organisations to local government departments and community services.

“Our organisation worked with Positive Music as part of a team building and celebratory event for an organisation that had formed about three months prior. So we got to know our colleagues better and in a very different setting, but one that highlighted the benefits of working together to create something great. It was a wonderful stress relieving activity also.  Loved it.”

“Peta’s drumming circles provided a relaxed, welcoming environment that fostered the engagement of all. Time stood still as participants grew in confidence over the sessions and learned to understand the music in both the beat and silence. A truly moving experience.”

Beth Fogarty

“The workshop was such a positive experience for our team. A fantastic release at the end of the week and a great way to connect as a team. We left the session feeling energised and wanting more. I will definitely be recommending this workshop.” Samantha Gould

“Peta Minter of Positive Music recently facilitated a drum circle for our participants at the Gawler Cancer Foundation. She presented her workshop as part of the Mindfulness Music Weekend Meditation Retreat . Within an hour she had engaged every member of the group in creating simple and complex rhythm patterns using a large array of percussion instruments.

Her positive and sensitive nature with the participant, and her obvious knowledge of holding a group, encouraged every member to feel included in these fun filled activities.
She built confidence in members of the drum circle, regardless of their previous musical experience, including participants with mobility issues. Everyone felt included and empowered and the whole workshop was well received with joy and laughter. I would highly recommend Positive Music for any group building workshop, seminar or retreat and found Peta to be a delight to work with as a co-facilitator.”

Michael Johnson, Music and Mindfulness coordinator at the Gawler Cancer Foundation and Delmont Hospital. Resident Harpist and composer, at the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne

“Very entertaining and fun, provided a great opportunity to get to know our colleagues.”

“I did not know what to expect on the day, I knew it would be good, but my expectations were exceeded. The drumming was so energetic.”

Heather McNaught

“Very entertaining and fun, provided a great opportunity to get to know our colleagues.”

“I did not know what to expect on the day, I knew it would be good, but my expectations were exceeded. The drumming was so energetic.”

“It was a creative way to refocus, regroup and re-energise the group.”

“I confess I was not sure what to expect and was delighted to see how worthwhile it was and how much Conference delegates enjoyed the session.” David Preiss, Chief Executive Officer

“It was a great ice breaker and an interesting way to introduce the concept of teams and leadership. I thought Peta and her partner did a really good job of keeping the focus on leadership. The tutors were really professional and combined teaching us a skill with talking to us about teams and leadership.” Lisa

“Peta from ‘Positive Music” came to my Yoga studio in Berwick to play her beautiful music, using the sounds of Himalayan and clear quartz crystal singing bowls combined with drumming and other amazing healing instruments which help to release any emotions, pain, stress or subtle body blockages and experience deep relaxation on a neurological level.

The Sound Bath takes you on an internal journey into an altered state of consciousness that will open you up to healing and enhance deeper connection, clarity, balance, purification and inner bliss. I would thoroughly recommend anyone interested in all of the above to have Peta come and play these amazing instruments privately or for a community gathering.” Karen, Body Yoga

“Sound healing with Peta has been the most beautiful addition to our studio. Peta’s energy and talent for music is exceptional and the mediative journey her vibrations take us on is transformational. Sharing her sound healing with our community is a blessing. We leave the sessions with a feeling of joy, contentment and a floating lightness that carries into our lives. Thank you for sharing you, your healing and your vibrations with us Peta.” Dee, Director, Power House Yoga, Berwick

“Peta blew my mind! We discussed a few ideas prior to the event, and Peta was able to understand the situation and create music in the moment to support the students practice. She was unbelievable! As students were working on tough asana, Peta managed support and encourage them through sound, it was a gorgeous dance between music and movement.
Thank you Peta. I look forward to working with you again soon.” Rachel, Founder, Mindful Yoga with Rachel, Beaconsfield

“Thanks for such a lovely and relaxing Sound Bath yesterday – I had so much positive feedback about the session and I know that the Carers were very grateful for.”

“Peta you were fantastic, you made me feel comfortable. Loved learning about music, loved the whole workshop!” Emily George

“Thank you Peta for such a great experience. A privilege to share time with other women with similar goals. Leaving with a deeper sense of peace.” Kristy Dunlop

“A deeper sense of rhythm and connectedness to self and others. Very fun!” Rebecca Croydon

“Listening to and expressing myself more.” Irma

“It felt nice to play in a group together and be in sync spiritually, it was fantastic, thank you so much!” Kieran

“Peace and space to just be.” Marie

“Creating music is a beautiful way to relax and unit with others…very much enjoyed the session.” Andrea

“We had a wonderful day at YogaHara starting with Peta’s terrific Drum up Wellness workshop. I had never drummed before, nor would I say I was super musical, but I had a fabulous time exploring my own rhythm. This was following by a gorgeous sound bath. I have been to sound baths before but not like this one. It was so peaceful, calming and mesmerising. I have already booked her to return. Thanks Peta.” Gina Mac 

“I adored this workshop. It was amazing, can’t believe it was 90 mins – I must have been away with the fairies! My favourite was the crystal singing bowl – it was really near my head and I felt every single vibration through my body. Fabulous fabulous fabulous.” Clare Teresa Watkins 

and the list goes on…

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