Sound Healing & Rhythm Wellness Day Retreat

Retreat for wellness, mindfulness and creativity Are you interested in music-making, mindfulness, meditation, retreats and connecting with like-minded souls? Come along and retreat for an experiential day of sound-bathing, exploration, connection, tuition, and healing!  It will include: Heart opening singing bowl meditation and practical tuition to learn to play these ancient instruments Mindfulness and recalibration Blissful drumming workshop where you will find your ‘own signature rhythm’ Journalling Sound healing extravaganza with premium Tibetan singing bowls (including a Grandmother Bowl), native flutes (including a Grandfather Flute), medicine drums, ting shas, gongs, chimes, rainstick and kalimbas (thumb piano). About retreat facilitators Peta Minter

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Djembe Lesson Mendiani Solo Variations

Great djembe lesson. Solo variations on African rhythm Mendiani, taught by djembe master Adamane. Find us on Facebook Take your djembe playing to the next level Check out our Djembe Drumming Play-along CD and FREE instructional ebook and really hone your skills. Did you LIKE this post? Did you like this post? Please share with your friends by using the social media buttons at the bottom.

Djembe Lesson Mendiani Solos

While in Africa studying African drumming I had the wonderful opportunity to learn the djembe from master African drummers from Burkina Faso.  At first I was hesitant to learn Mendiani due to its complexity, but I thought I’ve come all this way to Africa why not give it a go. Luckily I had my video camera to catch all my one-on-one djembe lessons with the masters. And now I want to share my lesson of Mendiani with you. In this video is master djembe drummer Adamane Keita. Check out video on solo variations to Mendiani with Adamane. Take your djembe playing to

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African Drum & Dance Fume Fume VIDEO

After a long beautiful day by the ocean under palm trees, learning African rhythm Fume Fume from the masters, it was time for the drum and dance teachers to show us how it’s performed up to speed. As you can tell in this video the drum and dance teachers are fantastic. After a day of teaching the group from Australia, the teachers had plenty of energy to perform Fume Fume. I wanted to share my experience with you and hope you too can gain and learn something from this video. Take your djembe playing to the next level Check out

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African Djembe Kuku Solos with Dundun VIDEO

In this video Adamane showcases the Kuku djembe solos with the accompanying drums dundun, sangban and kenkeni. Take your djembe playing to the next level Check out our Djembe Drumming Play-along CD and FREE instructional ebook and really hone your skills. Did you LIKE this post? Did you like this post? Please share with your friends by using the social media buttons at the bottom.

African Drumming Kuku Rhythms & Solos VIDEO

African Study Tour – Djembe Kuku Solos While in Africa I studied with five drum masters, which included Master Griot brothers Adamane and Madou Keita. Here in this video playing djembe is Adamane Keita.   I travelled to Ghana back in 2007 with a touring group to study West African drumming in its own cultural setting. I was extremely excited to be going to Africa; it had been a dream of mine for many, many years. As we flew over the capital of Ghana, Accra, I looked upon the landscape and saw the beauty of different shades of red colours that took

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Drum Up Wellness Workshop

Rhythm circle for women’s wellbeing, joy and healing Explore rhythm, harmony and mindfulness through the power of group drumming, chanting and movement, a therapeutic and holistic workshop for women. Drum up Wellness two hour personal development workshop energises mind, body and spirit, a truly transformational and uplifting music-making experience that unites, nurtures authentic connection and alleviates stress. For centenary’s the drum has been used in cultures for healing, inducing ‘Beta’ (9-13 Hz) ‘Theta’(4-8 Hz) state of mind, where deep relaxation, mindfulness and meditation occurs. Drumming has also been used for bringing people together, celebrating community, spirituality and daily meditation. Positive

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Sound Bath Meditation International Day of Peace 2017

Soothing Sound Bath Vibrations With all the chaos and calamity in the world, this is an important time for world peace. It’s time to take a break from 24/7 news broadcast and shift our thinking to more positive and compassionate outlook on today. What we  think has an impact on ourselves and wider community. We can make a difference and send good vibrations and good wishes to our brothers and sisters around the world who are facing life challenges. We know when minds come together through the power of meditation on peace and compassion. The experience can be deep and many

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Music and Mindfulness Meditation Retreat 2017

A weekend of Music, Mindfulness and Meditation at Yarra Valley Living Centre Resident harpist, Michael Johnson will be hosting an uplifting weekend music and meditation retreat. Participants will be using music to aide mindfulness meditation, inspiring feelings of peace, calm and a deep sense of wellbeing. The program also includes music for mindfulness, interactive drum circle facilitated by Peta Minter, sacred chanting, music and movement and a meditative concert with Michael’s ensemble on Sunday afternoon. Meals and accommodation provided (delicious organic plant-based wholefood meals, snacks & herbal teas). 2 nights of bliss Music & Mindfulness Music & Guided Imagery Mindful Drum

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Ancient Places Video

There’s something very rewarding when a dream becomes reality. That’s what I felt when I finally completed my first original ambient album, called Radiant Creation. I’ve heard many stories from musicians about their first CD and what a big step it was to have something creative, personal and meaningful to share. The songs from Radiant Creation really showcase how I feel about nature, sacred space from within and gentleness. I decided to add track 3, Ancient Places from Radiant Creation with video footage I had taken when my Husband and I spent time in Scotland, Wales and Ireland. This was a

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Sound Meditation & Wellness Programs

See how Positive Music’s relaxing and meditative sound bath can reduce stress and tension. Empower teams and inspire active listening with our staff wellbeing programs or experience a sense of tranquillity with Peta’s meditation music.