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Corporate Drumming Workshops

Positive Music corporate drumming workplace wellness workshops help alleviate stress and worry bringing calmness and focus to your team, group and organisation making happy, engaged and loyal employees.

Workplace Wellness

Are you looking for unique, creative corporate wellness solution to improve productivity, reduce absenteeism and be happy healthy workplace?

Our wellness programs build resilience, improve teamwork, bring calmness and positive group dynamics into your workplace leaving staff focused, valued and energised.

According to ‘beyondblue’ depression and anxiety are often hidden factors that cost Australian businesses about $10.9 billion a year.

Delegates corporate drumming and having lots of fun with drums

Top 3 benefits of Positive Music corporate drumming workshops

Highly Therapeutic

Workplace wellbeing and group harmony is at the core of our workshops. Playing music together is a great way to reduce stress. Your team will be thoroughly engaged, connected and relaxed.

Highly Creative

Take your people on a drum circle rhythmic, harmonic and melodic, musical wellness journey. As the perfect collaborative wellness corporate solution, our team activity will get your group in harmony.

Highly Energising

Drums are a great meditative tool! Using the power of drums, percussion, rhythm, music and mindfulness, your team will leave feeling energised with a deep sense of calm, teamwork and motivation.

Our corporate drumming workshops

We can design a program to suit your next corporate wellness day, program, conference or event. Our workshops include the following:

  • 60-minute on-going, 4 week program (over lunchtime)*
  • 90-minute one-off workshop*
  • 120-minute one-off workshop*

*We can custom design a fun corporate drumming circle to suit your conference, event or program needs. Please contact us for details.

For larger groups please check our team-building activities.

Unique custom designed programs that will help you to achieve specific outcomes, including:

  • Learn personal strategies for mindfulness
  • De-stress, relax and be in-the-moment
  • Improve overall wellbeing
  • Boost group harmony and trust
  • Strengthen immune system and lower blood pressure

Frequently asked questions about our corporate drumming workshops

Does everyone receive an instrument to play?

Yes, all participants receive a drum or percussion instrument to play in the drum circle.

How many people can we have in a corporate drumming workshop?

Our workshop focuses on smaller groups from 10 to 30, ideal for group dynamics at work.

How can drumming improve workplace wellbeing?

Clinical research is now providing evidence that group drumming increases productivity, reduces stress and increases feelings of wellbeing. Our custom designed corporate drumming workshops are a rapid process for group development and workplace wellness.

Read more FAQs here.

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