Drum Up Wellness Workshop

womens wellbeing

Rhythm circle for women’s wellbeing, joy and healing

Explore rhythm, harmony and mindfulness through the power of group drumming, chanting and movement, a therapeutic and holistic workshop for women.

Drum up Wellness two hour personal development workshop energises mind, body and spirit, a truly transformational and uplifting music-making experience that unites, nurtures authentic connection and alleviates stress.

For centenary’s the drum has been used in cultures for healing, inducing ‘Beta’ (9-13 Hz) ‘Theta’(4-8 Hz) state of mind, where deep relaxation, mindfulness and meditation occurs. Drumming has also been used for bringing people together, celebrating community, spirituality and daily meditation.

Positive Music women’s Drum Up Wellness program explores creativity, mindfulness and practical ways of how music can transform and heal through rhythm, harmony and melody. It really looks at rhythm and group music-making in a whole new light.

A highly interactive workshop that explores:

  • Creativity, diversity and inclusion
  • Personal strategies to be more mindful
  • The collaborative art of listening and expressing
  • Healing rhythms & musical instruments

Drumming event details

Join Peta Minter from Positive Music for a special women’s Drum Up Wellness event at The Yoga Co in Baxter.

Level: Is suitable for all levels! From women who have never played a musical instrument to those who are regular players.

Where: The Yoga Co, 640A Frankston – Flinders Rd, Baxter VIC 3911

When: Sunday 19 November

Time: 1.30pm – 3.30pm

Cost: $35pp

Purchase tickets through Trybooking now


All drums and percussion supplied at no extra cost.

What to bring: bottle of water, pen and paper, wear comfortable clothes

For more information please contact Peta.

About Musician, Rhythm Facilitator, Life Coach

Peta Minter (founder of Positive Music) is a musician, rhythm facilitator, life coach and recording artist. Her newly released album called Radiant Creation is a beautiful mix of ambient music, evoking emotions of beauty and imagination.

Drum circle health benefits:

  • release stress and tension
  • boost immune system
  • forge deeper connection to others in the group through shared experience
  • accept and respect others
  • increase self-esteem and confidence
  • have lots of fun, experience joy and unity
  • calms the mind and brings participants ‘into the moment’
  • reduce pain and stimulates mind, body good feelings

Research of group drumming benefits

What kind of instruments?

Peta brings a variety of hand drums such as Remo African drums, djembes, congas, darbukas, frame drums and stick drums such as bahia drums and African low pitch drums, all kinds exotic percussion instruments and healing sounds of gongs, chimes, Tibetan singing bowls, shamanic drums, native flutes and the beautiful harp sounds of the Hapi drum for all to explore and go deep within the music-making journey.

What people say

“Peta’s drumming circles provided a relaxed, welcoming environment that fostered the engagement of all. Time stood still as participants grew in confidence over the sessions and learned to understand the music in both the beat and silence. A truly moving experience.” – Beth

“Peta’s incredible facilitation experience gave people permission to let go, have fun, connect with others and take part in these primal activities of music, dance and song.” – Holy

“The sense of peace and stillness it gave me is still reverberating within! Thank you.” – Ilse

“I’ve found my experience to be exhilarating! Great fun! A great way to let go of all the stress and relax. Thanks Peta!” – Sarah

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