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Learn to grow your djembe drumming skills

Do you want a drumming resource that makes learning easy and fun?

The audio recorded play-along tracks are a fun way to learn and master rhythm and groove, taking your djembe playing to the next level.

The play-along songs not only provide the opportunity for you to hone your basic skills, they help develop rhythm, timing and groove, building confidence to play with other instruments.

Great for beginner through to intermediate levels.


Djembe Drumming Play-Along CD provides:

  • 25 super fun tracks
  • Slow, medium & fast tempos
  • Easy to follow songs
  • Djembe warm-ups
  • Co-ordination exercises
  • Fun and challenging djembe rhythms & arrangement
  • Learn accompanying dundun rhythms
  • Full African drumming ensemble

Download digital tracks from Bandcamp

“Peta is a great drummer and a great teacher. She has infinite patience and the ability to break drumming down into its essential elements so that all students can be successful and make drumming a part of their lives.” – Rob, African drumming student

“Even though Peta challenges her students, all the material she teaches is achievable, fun and suitable for all skill levels with everyone experiencing success.” – John and Bec, Primary School Teachers

A GIFT from Peta!! The Djembe Drumming Play-along Cd also comes with free eBook download. Learn djembe and get your FREE Djembe Drumming Instructional eBook today.