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7 Easy Steps to Develop Rhythm, Technique, Timing and Feel

Do you enjoy the energising rhythms of djembe drumming?

The best part of being a drum teacher is seeing students grow musically and in confidence – this free eBook is a gift from me to you! FREE for a limited time only, value $15

The Djembe Drumming instructional eBook – 7 Steps to Develop Rhythm, Technique, Timing & Feel, shows you step-by-step easy-to-learn formulas, plus the option to digitally download play-along audio tracks for developing rhythm and increasing musical confidence – transforming your playing to the next level.

Great for beginners right through to intermediate levels.

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Djembe Drumming Play-along CD

FREE Djembe Drumming eBook includesDjmeb Drumming Book

  • Technique Guide & Photos
  • How to play djembe
  • Colour coded notation for easy reading
  • Developing musical awareness
  • Tips for improving time & feel
  • 17 super fun djembe & dundun rhythms
  • Photos of Peta’s African trip
  • and lots more…

Buy Djembe Drumming tracks from Bandcamp

The play-along tracks help develop your musical ear and master timing and groove, making learning a sense of accomplishment.

“Learning drumming with Peta has brought me many benefits. It has exercised my mind and body in a totally new way.” – Brian, djembe drumming student

“It challenges my brain, improves my memory and the funky groove we get into when it comes together is just wonderful. Thanks Peta.” – Maree, djembe drumming student

The play-along tracks not only provide the opportunity for you to hone your rhythm skills but also develop musicality and feel by being able to play-along with the audio tracks.