sound bath meditation


Meditative healing sound vibration to nourish mind and body

Be immersed in the healing sounds of a Sound Bath while the gentle meditative sounds of quartz crystal singing bowls, energising gongs, harmonious 7 Chakra Tibetan singing bowls and the sweet sounding native flute wash over you.

Are you looking for more peace and tranquillity in your life? Wanting to relax, let-go and feel more positive and connected with yourself?

Positive Music sound bath healing sessions include meditation to relax body and mind, gently leading to the peaceful sounds of healing instruments. Feel energised, rebalanced and nurtured.

Top 3 benefits of Positive Music sound bath

  1. A sound bath is deeply relaxing, rejuvenating and a great way to nourish your mind, body and soul – allowing pure sound vibrations to wash over you
  2. Meditative sounds of the quartz crystal singing bowls, harmonious gongs and Himalayan singing bowls, gentle percussive sound of the hoop drum and ambient native flute, will leave you with a sense of peacefulness and wellbeing
  3. Our sound baths are a great stress reliever. As you relax into the present moment, and settle into stillness, all stress melts away

Listen to Peta’s Sound Bath Meditation Music

You can now purchase theses tracks through Bandcamp


Our group sound bath events in Melbourne

We offer sound baths for all kinds of occasions, whether you are:

  • organising a conference, wellbeing event or festival
  • hosting a charity event
  • adding to your yoga or meditation classes
  • inviting some of your friends together for a special occasion
  • private sound bath session

Our sound bath events

Sound Bath Instruments

We use the finest quality of sound bath instruments. Our vegan friendly, heartbeat hoop drum. Energising Paiste and Wind Gongs. The soothing sounds of kalimba, the melodic native flute. Angelic sounds of four chakra’s of quartz crystal singing bowls. And the harmonious hand crafted 7 chakra Tibetan singing bowls from Mt Kailash and the Himalayan Mountains.

Benefit of a Positive Music sound bath include:

  • Release stress and tension
  • Improves meditation concentration
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Develops mindfulness
  • Soothes nerves system, lowering blood pressure, slows down breathing & heart rate
  • Experience calm and a sense of peace and tranquillity
  • Promotes wellbeing
  • Feel energised through the healing power of pure sound

What they’re saying about our sound baths

“Peta from ‘Positive Music” came to my Yoga studio in Berwick to play her beautiful music, using the sounds of Himalayan and clear quartz crystal singing bowls combined with drumming and other amazing healing instruments which help to release any emotions, pain, stress or subtle body blockages and experience deep relaxation on a neurological level.

The Sound Bath takes you on an internal journey into an altered state of consciousness that will open you up to healing and enhance deeper connection, clarity, balance, purification and inner bliss. I would thoroughly recommend anyone interested in all of the above to have Peta come and play these amazing instruments privately or for a community gathering.” – Karen, Body Yoga, Berwick

“Sound healing with Peta has been the most beautiful addition to our studio. Peta’s energy and talent for music is exceptional and the mediative journey her vibrations take us on is transformational. Sharing her sound healing with our community is a blessing. We leave the sessions with a feeling of joy, contentment and a floating lightness that carries into our lives. Thank you for sharing you, your healing and your vibrations with us Peta.” – Dee, Director, Power House Yoga, Berwick

“Peta blew my mind! We discussed a few ideas prior to the event, and Peta was able to understand the situation and create music in the moment to support the students practice. She was unbelievable! As students were working on tough asana, Peta managed support and encourage them through sound, it was a gorgeous dance between music and movement.
Thank you Peta. I look forward to working with you again soon.” – Rachel, Founder, Mindful Yoga with Rachel, Beaconsfield

For bookings or more information

If you’d like more information or you would like to book a sound bath for your event or group, please contact Peta.

Sound Meditation & Wellness Programs

See how Positive Music’s relaxing and meditative sound bath can reduce stress and tension. Empower teams and inspire active listening with our staff wellbeing programs or experience a sense of tranquillity with Peta’s meditation music.