sound healing melbourne

What to Expect


The sound bath space is setup with sound healing instruments and soft fairy lights for a beautiful warm atmosphere. Yoga mats and bolsters are set out ready for guests to arrive. As people enter the sound bath space they are welcomed with ambient soft music.

As guests make themselves comfortable on yoga mats and settle in, Peta talks briefly about the sound bath instruments and what can be expected. This is where she invites people to have an intention for the session. Your intention is personal. This can be an opportunity for questions.

Peta invites guests to close their eyes and she begins a short mindfulness meditation on relaxing the body and deep breathing to bring people into the moment.

She begins. The sweet sounding music of kalimba and positive and soothing vibrations of Tibetan singing bowls assist people to unplug and slowdown moving from our normal active Beta brainwaves through to more relaxed state of Theta where we experience deep relaxation, calm and meditation.

Deeper and deeper we go as the harmonious healing sounds of Tibetan singing bowls, quartz crystal bowls, gongs gently caress the body and mind.

Relaxed, calm…

Feeling light…

At peace…

Coming to a close Peta guides people back to the space through the native flute and medicine drum.

More information and bookings

If you’d like more information or you would like to book in to our sound bath experiences, please contact us.

Sound Meditation & Wellness Programs

See how Positive Music’s relaxing and meditative sound bath can reduce stress and tension. Empower teams and inspire active listening with our staff wellbeing programs or experience a sense of tranquillity with Peta’s meditation music.