Corporate Drumming in Melbourne

Corporate Team-Building Drumming Workshops

Building positive group dynamics through music-making

Positive Music corporate team-building drumming workshops are fun and energetic way to boost morale, increase productivity and build strong relationships in your team.

Are you looking to bring your team closer together? Wanting a fun team-building activity that includes everybody? Or to break the ice, build camaraderie and improve team spirit?

Then we have a team-building drumming activity for you.

“At Positive Music, we promote change within your company with creative, inspiring and transformative team-building solutions”.

Our rhythm-events break down barriers, connect teams, boost self-esteem and confidence, get people laughing and bring life and joy into your workplace.

Top 3 benefits of Positive Music corporate team-building drumming workshops

  1. Our workshops are inclusive, not competitive. They require no previous musical training or skills. They build self-esteem and create a fun and positive atmosphere.
  2. Group drumming quickly breaks down age, gender, ethnic and social barriers. Making-music together develops a powerful sense of unity and team spirit.
  3. Drumming is a great stress reliever and a whole lot of fun! Your team will leave feeling invigorated but relaxed, with smiles on their faces for the rest of the day.

Our team-building activities

We offer a range of team-building activities to suit any conference, team-building day or event. Please check out the details here.

We can custom design a team-building event to suit your needs and vision. Please contact us for details.

What they’re saying about our corporate team-building drumming workshops

“Our organisation worked with Positive Music as part of a team building and celebratory event for an organisation that had formed about three months prior. So we got to know our colleagues better and in a very different setting, but one that highlighted the benefits of working together to create something great. It was a wonderful stress relieving activity also.  Loved it”. – EV GP Training, Melbourne.

“The staff evaluations all rated the drumming a 10, and they are still buzzing about it.” Cindy, Kilmany Uniting Care, Melbourne.

“The session was ideal for building relationships. It was different, it was fun, and it allowed everyone to join in without anyone having a dominant position.” Brendan, Wellington Shire Council.

“It was a good choice to hold it after lunch when energy levels had dropped and people had become lethargic. It was a creative way to refocus, regroup and re-energise the group.” Women Making It Work, South East Melbourne.

Frequently asked questions about corporate team-building drumming workshops

Does everyone receive an instrument to play?

Yes, all participants receive a drum or other percussion instrument to play.

Can you provide a venue?

We usually hold our drum circles at your workplace or event venue.

How many people can we have in a team-building drumming circle?

We cater for small groups from 6 to 100 people.

Read more FAQs here

For bookings or more information

To find out how Positive Music Drum Circles can invigorate your next team-building event, please contact us.

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