Team-Building Drumming Workshops

Drum circle workshops are a fun and energetic way to boost morale, increase productivity and build relationships in your team.

Team Bonding through Rhythm and Music

Want your team to feel real teamwork? Want a fun memorable team-building activity that aligns with your conference event goals and metaphors?

Then why not try our team-building drumming workshop? Our team-building programs break down barriers, bring energy and vitality to your workplace leaving staff engaged, connected and united.

Top 3 benefits of Positive Music team-building drumming workshops


Our teamwork activities are inclusive, not competitive. They require no previous musical training or skills. They build self-esteem and create a fun and positive atmosphere.

Team Bonding

Team-building music quickly breaks down age, gender, ethnic and social barriers. Drumming and creating music together develops a powerful sense of unity and team spirit.


Drumming is a great stress reliever and a whole lot of fun! Your team will leave feeling invigorated but relaxed, with smiles on their faces for the rest of the day.

Our team-building workshops

We can design a drum circle program to suit your next team-building event or conference. Our on-site workshops include the following:

  • 60-minute workshop (over lunchtime)
  • 90-minute workshop
  • 120-minute workshop

*We can custom design a fun team-building drumming workshop to suit your visions and needs. Please contact us for details.

Frequently asked questions about team-building drumming workshops

Does everyone receive an instrument to play?

Yes, all participants receive a drum or other percussion instrument to play.

Can you provide a venue?

We usually hold our drumming workshops at your workplace or event venue.

How many people can we have in a workshop?

We specialise in working with small to medium size groups from 8 to 80 people.

What they’re saying about our team-building drumming workshops

“The staff evaluations all rated the drumming a 10, and they are still buzzing about it.” Cindy, Kilmany Uniting Care.

“The workshop was such a positive experience for our team. A fantastic release at the end of the week and a great way to connect as a team. We left the session feeling energised and wanting more. I will definitely be recommending this workshop.” Samantha Gould, Team Director, team-building Berwick

“The session was ideal for building relationships. It was different, it was fun, and it allowed everyone to join in without anyone having a dominant position.” Brendan, Wellington Shire Council

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