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Team-Building Activities

Creating positive workplace relationships through making-music

Positive Music team-building activities empower teams to communicate, inspire active listening, reduce anxiety and build connections with each other outside of their normal work context.

We offer customise designed rhythm-events to suit your next team-building activity and wellbeing program including the following.

Rhythm Reward

Reward your team for all their hard work and celebrate their success, or create a buzz for delegates to leave on, as you close the conference with a high-energy team-building drumming event that brings the whole day to a close with a celebration of playing together.

Positive Music’s Rhythm Reward team-building activity is a fun musical experience delivering pure enjoyment through rhythm. It re-injects enthusiasm, boosts positive energy and makes your team feel alive.

By incorporating universal rhythms and in-the-moment music-making work colleagues are encouraged to take risks in a completely non-threatening environment which enables them to interact with each other in a totally different way and experience team success. Rhythm Reward story of 120 delegates.

Rhythm Reward benefits & outcomes 

Team bonding / Team-building experience

Team-Building Activities in Melbourne

Team-Building Activities Melbourne

  • Increase staff retention
  • Release stress and tension
  • Experience fun and laughter
  • Improve productivity and motivation
  • Express joy and unity through making-music
  • Boosted emotional wellbeing
  • Enjoy making music together

Application: Conferences, seminars, team-building days and corporate picnics.

Time: 60 minutes total time*

*We can custom design a Rhythm Reward team-building activity to suit your event or conference needs, please contact us.

The De-Stressor

Positive Music Workplace Wellness program The De-Stressor is about tapping into the health benefits of group drumming and exploring the creation of music as a tool for connection, harmony and stress reduction.

We integrate relaxation techniques such as positive visualisation by focusing on the breath, listening by exploring sound, tuning into the pulse of your own rhythm and setting intention with positive music-making.

Positive Music team-building drumming activity can lower stress levels, disperse frustrations, and make your team feel relaxed and alive.

Workplace Wellness program The De-Stressor benefits and outcomes

  • Experience relief from anxiety and worry
  • Release stress and tension
  • Increase fun and laughter
  • Enhance joy and unity through making-music
  • Nurture mind, body and team spirit
  • Improve productivity and motivation
  • Inter-team bonding and positive group dynamics
  • Have lots of fun within the group through shared experiences

Application: Employee wellbeing programs, personal growth conferences, staff wellbeing days, health and wellbeing conferences.

Time: 40/60/90 minute total time*

*We can custom design a workplace wellness experience to suit your next event or program needs. Please contact us for more details.

The Team-Builder

Get your team working together with The Team-Builder team-building activity, to enhance clear communication through non-verbal group dialogue using in-the-moment music.

By using universal rhythms, The Team-Builder music-making program incorporates metaphors of teamwork and positive workplace relationships by focusing on building positive communication, inspiring collaboration, increasing connection and stimulating creativity to reach full group synergy.

The Team-Builder benefits and outcomes

Team-Building Drumming

Team-Building Drumming Melbourne

Team bonding / Team-building experience / Leadership

  • Increase staff retention
  • Motivate interaction between participants
  • Promote harmonious working relationships
  • Improve productivity
  • Experience fun and laughter
  • Encourage clear communication and cooperation amongst work colleagues
  • Develop communication skills
  • Inspire fun learning environment
  • Stimulate creative thinking
  • Encourages Co-operation and Collaboration NOT competition

Application: Conferences, team-building days, seminars and training programs.

Time: 60/90/120 minute to half day*

*We can custom design a team-building activity to suit your next event or conference needs.

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Please contact us for team-building activities and music-making events or for more information.

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