Rhythm Reward Story

Team-building drumming experience with 120 delegates

Positive Music team arrive 60 minutes at venue for setup before team-building drumming event kicks off. 120 chairs are set-up in concentric circles and at each chair a colourful vibrant drum and percussion instrument is placed ready for delegates arrival (who are unaware of the music-making event that’s coming up in just an hours time).

Welcome and team-building drumming experience

As delegates enter the drum circle space they are welcomed with upbeat and energising tribal rhythms from Positive Music drumming team. The air is filled with anticipation and energy. They find a chair in the circle and tentatively start tapping along to the song.

After 5 minutes of jamming, Positive Music facilitator Peta Minter facilitates the group to stop…BOOM! Everyone finishes precisely together…a roar of laughter and talk as participants look at themselves with accomplishment, increasing the atmosphere with positive vibes.

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Just after a few minutes, participants are making-music.

Window of communication

After the intro, Peta briefly explains the connection between making-music together and working as a team, including the introduction of various instruments and how they are played.

Making-music through experiential learning

With one simple rhythm the group joins in, finds its pulse and the groove emerges. The sound and synergy of the group is energising. Individuals become a team and the team unite into a thriving community as they enjoy the feeling of playing a rhythm together.

Through various facilitation of dynamics, call-response, accents, mix of drum pitch and timbre, experiential learning happens and communication within the group improves as they listen, connect and unite, creating their unique song.


The volume drops dramatically with the just the sound of shakers, bells, woods and squeaky toys. Anticipation is in the air. One by one as instrument drop out of the song…all is left are two delegates with squeaky toys in a theatrical musical dialog. The room erupts with laughter.

Peta facilitates a discussion between participants who share their experience of the event. The atmosphere is electric through the volume of discussion.

Team-building delegates have worked together to create a percussion orchestra. The success of creating music together has strengthened their relationships while bringing happiness, joy and connection.

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