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Wellbeing Activities

Supporting wellbeing through music and sound

Positive Music interactive wellbeing activities uplifts, reduce stress, create harmony and develop confidence and self-esteem. They enable you to tune into the gentle rhythms of life, creating a sense of space and relaxation.

Peta is a sensitive caring facilitator who understands how to look after the needs of every participant in the group. She creates a supportive space of trust and respect.

Top 3 benefits of our wellbeing activities

  1. Positive Music wellbeing workshop is designed to help you slow down, enter a meditative state of mind, reconnect with your finer feelings, and find inner peace.
  2. As you relax into the present moment, “Monkey Mind” dissipates and all stress melts away.
  3. You rediscover the essence of who you are, and share inspirational magical human moments with the drumming group.

Positive Music wellbeing workshops for corporates and groups in Melbournewellbeing programs

We can design a workshop to suit your next program or event, including the following:

We can also custom design a hands-on, interactive rhythm-based event to suit your needs and vision, please contact us for details.

What they’re saying about our interactive Wellbeing Activities

“Peta Minter of Positive Music recently facilitated a drum circle for our participants at the Gawler Cancer Foundation. She presented her workshop as part of the Mindfulness Music Weekend Meditation Retreat . Within an hour she had engaged every member of the group in creating simple and complex rhythm patterns using a large array of percussion instruments.

Her positive and sensitive nature with the participant, and her obvious knowledge of holding a group, encouraged every member to feel included in these fun filled activities.
She built confidence in members of the drum circle, regardless of their previous musical experience, including participants with mobility issues. Everyone felt included and empowered and the whole workshop was well received with joy and laughter.

I would highly recommend Positive Music for any group building workshop, seminar or retreat and found Peta to be a delight to work with as a co-facilitator.” Michael Johnson, Music and Mindfulness coordinator at the Gawler Cancer Foundation and Delmont Hospital. Resident Harpist and composer, at the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne

“Creating music is a beautiful way to relax and unit with others…very much enjoyed the session.” – Andrea, drumming meditation workshop participant

“Peta’s drumming circles provided a relaxed, welcoming environment that fostered the engagement of all. Time stood still as participants grew in confidence over the sessions and learned to understand the music in both the beat and silence. A truly moving experience.” – Beth Fogarty, Program Manager – Mental Illness Fellowship Victoria

“Peace and space to just be.” – Marie, drumming meditation workshop participant

“I personally believe our past session brought many positive aspects to the group such as laughter, happiness, creativity and free expression and much more. To see all our members join in and enjoy the same activity was wonderful.” – June Salt, Event Coordinator – BrainStrength Group

“It felt nice to play in a group together and be in sync spiritually, it was fantastic, thank you so much!” – Kieran, drumming meditation workshop participant

 For bookings or more information

If you belong to a women’s group, a health support group, if you organise retreats or activities for health-workers, social workers, or those who care for others, we can custom design a Positive Music drumming meditation experience to suit your needs. Please contact Peta.

Sound Meditation & Wellness Programs

See how Positive Music’s relaxing and meditative sound bath can reduce stress and tension. Empower teams and inspire active listening with our staff wellbeing programs or experience a sense of tranquillity with Peta’s meditation music.