Mental Health

We all go through times when we find it difficult to express ourselves. A positive, non-verbal group drumming activity is a safe and nurturing way to help people through their challenges.  

A group drumming Positive Music session is skilfully and sensitively guided by Peta Minter. A kind and gentle experience for clients who are being supported and cared for in Mental Health sector by,

  • youth workersFun Drum Circles
  • social workers
  • school counsellors
  • women’s groups
  • aged care staff

In our group drumming sessions, participants feel safe, supported, included, a sense of belonging. They are given the opportunity to lift out of their negative thought-patterns and self-defeating behaviours.

Clinical research is now providing evidence of the health, wellbeing and self-awareness benefits of drumming. Read more about the health benefits of drumming here.

Client Testimonial

“Peta’s drumming circles provided a relaxed, welcoming environment that fostered the engagement of all. Time stood still as participants grew in confidence over the sessions and learned to understand the music in both the beat and silence. A truly moving experience.” – Beth Fogarty, Program Manager, Mental Illness Fellowship Victoria

For bookings and more information

If you’re looking for a positive group activity that builds self-confidence, connection and belonging, we can design a interactive wellbeing group drumming experience to suit your needs. Please contact Peta.

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