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Drum Up Wellness –  Energise Your Life!

Women’s wellbeing program Drum Up Wellness is a fun and liberating way to nurture self-esteem, increase happiness and uplift mind, body and spirit.

Group drumming for wellness is about the pleasure and healing power of making-music and positive transformation to bring our lives back into balance and restore mental and emotional good health.

Positive Music’s approach to women’s wellbeing is one of nurture, care and support through making-music together. By using healing drumming, meditation and mindfulness we create a safe space where women can be authentic, let go, feel alive and share inspirational positive human connections.

Top 3 benefits of our women’s wellbeing program in Melbourne

1. Our women’s wellbeing drumming program (a form of shamanic drumming) is not competition or performance. Drum Up Wellness workshop creates a caring and supportive environment, nurturing self healing, collaboration and belonging. It requires no previous musical experience, just an open heart.

2. Research has proven group drumming decreases stress and tension, improves mood and encourages self-expression. Drum Up Wellness builds trust, self-esteem and passion for life.

3. Drumming energises body and soul, transforms your attitude to one of self-confidence and hope. Making-music together develops a powerful sense of unity and positive meaningful new and lasting friendships.

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Energise Your Life! Drum Up Wellness applications

We can custom design a drumming for wellness for your next program or event.

  • Corporate groups/teams
  • Community groups
  • Meditation retreats
  • Mother and daughters
  • Celebrating women
  • Women’s retreats
  • Women needing time out for themselves.

Time: 90/120 minute total time*

*We can custom design an Energise Your Life! women’s wellbeing program to suit your needs and vision. Please contact us for details.

Break the cycle of negative thoughts, feeling isolated and overwhelmed. Be liberated, uplifted and inspired through the healing power of drumming together.

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What they’re saying about our Drum Up Wellness workshop

“Peta you were fantastic, you made me feel comfortable. Loved learning about music, loved the whole workshop!” Emily George, Drum Up Wellness participant

“Thank you Peta for such a great experience. A privilege to share time with other women with similar goals. Leaving with a deeper sense of peace.” Kristy Dunlop, Drum Up Wellness participant

“A deeper sense of rhythm and connectedness to self and others. Very fun!” Rebecca Croydon, Drum Up Wellness participant

“You were and are Amazing! The feedback from the event has been over-whelming positive.” Jill Shanti, Out The Door, Women’s Program

“Listening to and expressing myself more.” Irma, Drum Up Wellness participant

“It was a great afternoon, very enjoyable. How our faces transformed too over the session from a little tight and anxious at the beginning to relaxed and showing delight by the end. Loved all the laughter too. Very beneficial for us all.” Mary, participant

“The drumming in the middle session was a lot of fun and created a lot of positive energy. The sense of peace & stillness it gave me is still reverberating within! Thank you.” Ilse Mathews, Energise Your Life! participant

For bookings and more information

To see how Positive Music drumming for wellness women’s wellbeing programs can nurture positive connections in your community, please contact us.

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